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Police deny infiltration of Ivorian rebels in Northern Region border town

The police have denied reports that suspected Ivorian rebels could obstruct election in two Northern Region communities that share a border with neighbouring Ivory Coast. The report, which broke on some online news portals on Wednesday, claimed that at least 1,500 residents of two rebel-held mining communities in Bole district of the Northern Region will…
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Upper West police boss bemoans interference in police work

The Upper West Regional Police Commander, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP), Mr Kofi Danso Adei Acheampong, has raised serious concerns about the incessant interference in the work of the police. He said the practice where influential people in society interfered with the work of the police and other law enforcement agencies was so common in…
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A statement issued by Communication Minister, Hon Edward Omane Boamah, on Tuesday the 15th of March, 2015, urged Ghanaians and other nationals resident in Ghana to bear with security measures that may be enforced at various locations from time to time for the purpose of public safety. The statement said the National Security Council on…
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For aged and physically challenged persons, there are systems which provide assistance as well as keeping safe. When moving is limited, taking care of simple tasks around the house becomes difficult. The following technologies automate and streamline everyday activities so you can remain comfortable. • Access control: Program your system to include names and unique…
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PROTECTING GOD’S PEOPLE: Security for Places of Worship

If a violent incident were to take place in your church, during a time when many people are gathered, how quickly could you warn EVERYONE that there was a threat inside the church? Churches and other places of worship naturally place great emphasis on creating an open and welcoming environment. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead…
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21-Year Old Student Dies in Kumasi

A 21-year old first year student of Kumasi Polytechnic last Wednesday dawn lost his life when he tried to wrestle with a suspected armed robber. He was alleged to have tried to stop the intruder from getting access to the room which he shared with his friends who are all students of the Kwame Nkrumah…
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Security and Safety for Small Business

The number of robberies at convenience stores has increased across the country, which is higher now than it was 10 years ago. Make sure you're operating a business where your employees and customers feel safe from robbery and violent crimes by implementing a thoughtful security and safety program in your store. Preventative Measures The three…
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Multiple attacks in Paris kill 129: Here’s all you need to know

An ordinary Friday night in cool Paris turned into a bloodbath when terrorists executed a series of attacks in different spots in the city. Around 1 people were killed. More than 200 were injured in the attacks, in the worst such violence in France's history. The assailants struck at least six very different venues, ranging…
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Security and Safety for Motorist

Safety on our roads is a collective responsibility for all road users both pedestrians and motorist.This week on Security and Safety alerts on radio we will discuss a very important topic which will help reduce your risk of being involved in a crash as well as improve your personal safety and security as a motorist. Our…
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Security and Safety Alerts on Radio

Do you have a well thought out and tested plan of action to survive a criminal attack, terrorism incident, or even a natural disaster ? In today's unsafe and often very violent world, you must have a solid survival plan to take immediate action and direct individual responsibility for you and your loved one's Personal Security,…
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