Someone who is physically challenged has a problem with his/her body that makes it difficult for him/her to do things that other people can do easily. People with disabilities have the same health needs as non-physically challenged people – for immunization, cancer screening etc. They also may experience a narrower margin of health, both because of poverty and social exclusion

Its important to have a comprehensive security and safety layout for physically challenged persons. Depending on what one’s Nation’s law say regarding who falls into the category of physically challenged person that could be a young and aged person. It’s an open secret to say in the developing world including Ghana old Age and possibility of becoming physically challenged is not usually thought off and therefore right from Government to the citizens (individuals) no planning is put in place during constructions of road, hospitals, homes shopping malls, offices, etc. There must always be a way around the facility or home where wheel chair can access easily without much stress
Technology has made it possible to plan most of these constructions having in mind the possibility of becoming physically challenged yourself in future due to old age, accident or medical or for other users who might have one condition or the other intending to use the facility.

Construction of home
Individuals or groups who intend to construct a home should always engage the services of an expert who could advise how the facility would be physically challenged friendly now and future.
Proper Automation systems such us stair lefts are becoming very popular in Ghana and with the right expert advise already built homes housing physically challenged persons be they be young or aged can have access to their bed room even if these were on the last floors of the facility or home. In situations such as these cheap systems could proof to be very expensive and might lead to injuries or even death and so the right expert advise must always be sort before purchase, usage and maintenance

Gate Automation systems must be part of most homes with fenced walls with gate, there has been instances where home owners have been attacked and robbed off their possessions right in-front of their homes and some of these attacks have lead to serious injuries or death during such attacks, using the right solar powered gate automation systems could prevent these, most often home owners have to honk to alert either the house boy, girl or inhabitants within the home or facility to come and open the gate and this action invites or alerts people around and some of these people could persons who might want to Rob you and for the aged or physically challenged persons its import to use gate automation systems because your ability to open the gate might be limited and those paid or inhabitants within the house might not be inside the time you arrive.

RFID (Radio-frequency identification) access controlled systems are highly recommended to homes and facilities since within range, properly programmed doors, gates, etc open (Allow access) automatically and out of range gates, doors close automatically without any physical contact.

Global Positioning System(s) GPS for tracking physically Challenged persons, Children, Aged etc. should be deployed to monitor the movement of such persons. Once a again an expert advise must be sort before purchase and deployment, most of these systems have two coms that allow mobile telecommunication with the user without the user having to press a button to answer, when programmed properly the system answers the call automatically and some of these systems can be programmed to a security or health agency if there was the need for rapid deployment or assistance. Routs could be fenced for used in such a way that should the user go off the rout an alarm is triggered as well as sending SMS messages to assigned telephone numbers to alert of possible danger and when properly programmed such persons would not get missing easily as usually reported everyday in the media.

This could safe lives and prevents injuries and even deaths if the right systems are used.
Vibration and Fall/non-movement sensors should be considered for such facilities and homes, these systems would could usually be programmed to send quick a SMS alert to inform of a possible fall of the user and if the need be a quick responds to safe a life and prevent injury. Seek expert advise in this deployment, non-movement could also be reported incases when users have not moved for 30-1hr in such places such us the wash-rooms etc.
Solar Powered Ghost CCTV systems are highly recommended for facilities such as these since all systems become invisible after setup allowing contiguous protection and monitoring of facility and all persons within the premises including care-givers.

Cost is usually key but its necessary to note that life is much more important then all the money you have saved or invested and so seeking expert advise is important in arriving at the right technology to use.
Another unsafe building materials used in construction of modern homes and other facilities include porcelain Tiles and some other flooring materials that look beautiful from the outside but very dangerous when used at the wrong places and places where physically challenged and aged persons use.
Caretakers are an important part of an elderly or disabled person’s life—often coming to the home to offer support and assistance. Depending on the situation, this can be a time-consuming and worry-filled role. Home automation can help.

Not only does it allow you to keep an independent lifestyle, but it also allows loved ones to rest assured that you’re safe.
If you decide to give family members or care takers access, they can view video feeds and security logs remotely to ensure that you’re okay.

In addition, the system can be programed to notify, not only you, but also family members in the event that an alarm or other pre-set rule is triggered. For example, you can place sensors on your medicine cabinets so that family can rest assured that you’ve remembered your pills each day. These solutions make caring for the elderly or disabled an easier and more convenient process.

Inclusion is important to seek expert advise during the construction of your home or commercial facility for the right safety and security layout to be inbuilt and for those already built facilities modifications can always be made accommodate the right Security and Safety mechanism
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