Solar Ghost CCTV Cameras

solar cctv system

Solar Powered Ghost CCTV System from Security Warehouse runs solely on SOLAR. The entire system is installed without running on local Grid power.

An additional benefit is the independence of the power supply. Even when the national grid goes down or there is a local power cut, a stand-alone solar powered CCTV system will continue to operate.

We install variety of cameras for both interior and exterior environment.
Let’s look at the three main components of the CCTV system; the MONITOR, CAMERA and SVR. Now the most important of the three obviously is the SVR which is different from the DVR you know, it stands for ‘Smart Digital Recorder’ for security reason and for you to always have evidence especially after a robbery or an attack. For this reason we have rebranded our SVR as ‘GHOST SVR’ for the simple reason of technology advancement; after installation the SVR component becomes invisible and is represented by a sensor somewhere.
Nevertheless, visuals can also be monitored on phone wherever you find yourself, which is ‘SMART CCTV ONLINE’.
We customize to meet the peculiar needs of our cherished customers and to gain and maintain the competitive edge.

cctv cameras

  • 4ch Smart Video Recorder (SVR)
  • 1pcs 4CH Touch Panel 1080P SVR
  • 2pcs IP IR Dome Camera& 2pc Bullet Camera
4pcs DC12V/1A Power supply Support P2P iCloud

Support Android, iPhone, iPad Viewing. Support Wireless Network. 
Support Motion detection and smart Recordings.
This system is suitable for Domestic or small office, It allows the user the convenience of remotely viewing your home/small office, Shop or business on your phone or hand held computer whiles you are on the move anywhere anytime (within or outside the country)


Smart Eye chipset

The SVR has a smart eye embedded chipset that allows the recorder to be burglar proof, the SVR is installed at a secret location and it’s the Ghost eye allows the owner to view cameras live on screen and playback videos as if though the recorder is seating right in front of you. This makes it possible to safeguard video recordings in an event of break-ins etc.

cctv system
TT-DVR7216 Black Panel

Specification for - SVR04, SVR08 and SVR16

H.264 compression format
4/8/16 Channel Video and 4 channel audio
USB2.0 backup and Upgrade
RS485 control PTZ DOME
Remote Monitoring / Playback / Backup /PTZ Control / Mobile Viewing
External Alarm and PTZ Control allowed
with VGA output
With HDMI output
Remote controller, USB and Mouse included
Support 2pcs of 1TB (1000GB) HDD
Restorable in recording with power failure
Lowest main board power consumption (below 11W)



Smart Fish Eye Cameras

cctv fish eye 02
cctv fish eye 04
cctv fish eye 03
cctv fish eye 01
smart fish eye camera

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