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Welcome to CrimeTek Time Systems the home of time recorder systems since 2005.

Whether you are looking for employee attendance software or a basic employee time clock or clock machine Security Warehouse Ltd is your one stop Electronic security company deploying the best systems in the world CrimeTek, StaffClock and many more. We have the time and attendance system for your needs, we ensure whichever time keeping solution you choose you may rely on it for your attendance payroll system. Our time and attendance system software is often used to link to major payroll systems giving increased efficiency in time management for payroll staff. Attendance monitoring and recording system for your needs
Access Control system
We supply and install Bio Access Control, it essence is to restrict entry into certain departments, offices, rooms etc. It is easy to operate and supports (5) five types of identification modes, the configuration modes include; Fingerprint, Fingerprint + Password, Fingerprint + Card, Card + Password and Fingerprint + Card + Password.
It has various alarm functions for door including alarm for Overtime Opening, Alarm for Illegal Opening, and Alarm for Tamper Resistance.
Moreover the top surface of the fingerprint sensors is fully scratch resistant, you cannot scratch it even with blade, a paper, pin or mail. How unique.
The Access Control (Time & Attendance) is another type the records time of entry by employees, visitors etc. This supports the H.R department and others for monitory and evaluation, payroll preparation etc.

Benefits of our Clock/time and attendance systems your business/home/organization.

  1. Transparency/credibility in staff attendance records
  2. Increase in productivity: Productivity increases because the process is seamless and makes day-to-day operations more efficient, convenient and easy to monitor.
  3. Staff and employees report to work on time and close at the appropriate time and provide supervisors/HR with timely data to more effectively manage their operations.
  4. Return on investment (ROI) Our Biometric time clocks systems will assist your businesses achieve positive ROI by eliminating Cheating and other problems caused by inaccuracies and loopholes of an old-fashioned time and attendance system which causes many businesses to unnecessarily lose money year in year out.
  5. Money Saver: Process payroll easy by click of a button. Using Security Warehouse Ltd technology based time and attendance solution with biometric features will immediately help to reduce your labour costs. Manually collecting, managing, calculating and processing time data to process payroll can take a lot of time, but with an automated time and attendance solution, companies are able to increase efficiency and save money.  You can calculate over time easily because the software does all!

Application Areas

  • Schools
  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Shopping Centers
  • Churches
  • Cinimas
  • Airports, Ports and Habour

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