Solar Automated Gate

For sliding gate motors SWL deploys Both DC-Solar powered motors and AC motors.
We have the following series:

  • 500kg- Ram

  • 800kg-Bull

  • 1500kg-Bison

We also do undertake the construction of the actual gate (Steel painted, Galvanize pained and Stain less steel gates)

All our Swing gate motors comes: 2 motor and 1 control box,2 transmitters, motor is 24V/DC and remote control to open and close gates.
Depending on the type of house/property,our consultants would usually recommend a particular type of swing gate system after a survey is conducted.
Automated gate system are very convenience to use due to the following reasons:

  • You don’t have to toot your hone or get down from the car to get the gate open
  • Its very safe to use incase you are been followed by criminals or carjackers interested in robbing you of your car or property
  • Its very durable and can withstand all types of weathers including rain and heat
  • Its very cost effective
  • It consumes less power.

Please include pictures of installed slid and swing gate systems

Free mockups