Metal Detectors and Scanner

Hand-Held Metal Detector

Hand Held and Glove Metal Detectors are used by Security, Police and Military officers to carry out a non-invasive search of a person for metallic items.

When a metallic item is detected an indication is normally given by a sounder, most detectors will also operate in a silent vibrating mode.

Various types of Hand Held and Glove Metal Detectors are available to meet different types of threats with varying levels detection sensitivities.

Metal Detectors are also used to locate metallic items in the ground, within food and hospital waste.

Walk-Through Metal Detector

Walk Through Metal Detector is deal for use by Police and Security personnel to detect metallic weapon or contraband objects.

Police can rapidly deploy this unit at the exit of a building such as a night club screening all personnel leaving, or to screen passengers at bus and railway stations

Security personnel can deploy the unit at sporting or other public events screening all the persons attending.

The unit is un-assembled for easily transported, it has its own wheels and pulling handle.

On arrival at its intended temporary location the unit can be easily and quickly assembled by one person and be operational in 5 minutes.walk through metal detector

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