Alert with Adam Bonaa

Alert with Adam Bonaa is a weekly security and safety program airing between 6:30pm-8pm this and every Tuesday.

Some Personal and National Security /Safety matters might include the following:Alert with Adam Bonaa

  1. Robbery attack at home –what do you do?
  2. How do you identify a carjacker? And what do you do?
  3. How do you build your house to withstand robbery/break-ins
  4. What constitutes defensive driving?
  5. Driving in the rain
  6. How domestic fires
  7. How do you prevent street robberies
  8. Event security/safety –what organizers/participants must know
  9. Security and safety in and around religious facilities
  10. Domestic violence
  11. Preventing a possible Kidnapping Situation
  12. Over speeding/road accidents /prevention –what we must know

National Security /Safety matters

  1. Role of the citizen in law enforcement
  2. Vigilantism and Political party thugs- What can Ghana do to stop this
  3. How can Ghana prevent a possible terror attack
  4. Elicit firm arms in the hands criminals
  5. Emergency responds and what we must know
  6. Training regime for law enforcement agencies-what we must know
  7. Cyber security –what Ghanaians must know
  8. Security/safety in public places including hotels etc.–what we must know
  9. Security and safety for children and schools –what we must know
  10. Military involvement internal security –what we must know
  11. Work of National security –what we must know
  12. Possible disasters that may hit Ghana-what we must know


You can follow this program through:

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  • LinkedIn : Kaziyiri Bonaa
  • Twitter : adam_bonaa

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